Friday, May 6, 2011

Pacific Fleet celebrates Divers' Day

The Divers' Day is celebrated in Russia on May 5. The world's first diving school was established in Kronshtadt on May 5, 1882 by the order of Russian Emperor Alexander III. For a long time it had been the only training center for aquanauts. 

Since the foundation of naval force at the Pacific, search-and-rescue service has been one of the fleet's combat units. 

Pacific Underwater Special-Purpose Expedition was established on March 7, 1932 in Vladivostok by order of Flagman 2 rank F. Krylov. "Act of emergency rescue services at sea forces and military flotillas" was issued in 1933. 
In the period of 70-80's the fleet's rescuers had conducted a number of unique rescue and submarine-salvage operations. 

PF Search-and-Rescue Service faced a hard period in 90's. Numerous quite operable ships were written-off then. Nonetheless, thanks to selfless work and solicitous attitude of the personnel, today's Pacific Fleet has good search-and-rescue capabilities. Salvage vessels are within PF anti-piracy task groups securing commercial navigation in the Gulf of Aden. 

In recent years diving and salvage exercises are held on the regular basis. 

For instance, in Apr 2011 rescue ships Sayany, Fotiy Krylov, and Alagez had practice at sea. According to PF salvage unit commander Capt 2 rank Pavel Bozhok, his specialists had been conducting different drills for several months. 

Present-day rescuers conduct various exercises, regularly testing underwater robots, remotely-controlled submersibles Panther,Tiger, and deep-sea diving armor. Resembling a small bathyscaph, such equipment is capable to dive at the depth up to 370 meters and stay underwater for up to 48 hours. Helmets of the deep-sea armors are equipped with video cameras and microphones. 

Anyway, same as 100 years ago qualified specialists play the key role in this service. 

As divers say, their profession is vocation which main idea is to love and feel the sea. And it will feel you then.


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