Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Mount Claremont local Steed Wilson has now clocked up five years in the Navy, he’s seen the world, and as a member of his ship’s boarding party, he rappels down ropes from helicopters as easily as most people walk to the corner shop.
Steed has specialised as a Marine Technician, but he has always been pretty fit. Even at Scotch College he played water polo and touch rugby. He currently plays in the Australian Defence water polo team and recently played at the Australian countries in Albury, New South Wales.
Like many locals, Steed started life somewhere very different. He was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Perth eight years ago with his sister and parents. His parents currently live back in Zimbabwe but his sister and friends still live in Mt Claremont.
Aboard HMAS Parramatta, Steed is specifically responsible for electronic testing and lighting for the crew of 170 sailors and officers.
“I see most of the crew during my working day,” he said. “My reward is getting a thank you from someone when I have fixed the defect in their compartment”.
During his five years in the Navy, Steed has been involved in maritime exercises with the US Navy off the coast of Hawaii, in border protection, and soon he and his shipmates are heading to south-east Asia.


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