Friday, June 24, 2011

DA36 E-Star: World’s First Hybrid Electric Airplane Debuts at The Paris Air Show

PARIS (BNS): World’s first serial hybrid electric aircraft is unveiled at the Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2011.

The DA36 E-Star, a two-seater motor glider aircraft which is based on hybrid electric drive concept is showcased at the air show by its manufacturer Siemens AG, Diamond Aircraft and EADS.

Recently, on June 8th the aircraft has completed its maiden flight at the Wiener Neustadt airfield in Vienna, Austria. 

In the future, the technology, which is intended for later use also in large-scale aircraft, will cut fuel consumption and emissions by 25 percent, compared to today’s most efficient aircraft drives.

According to EADS, the motor glider, which is based on Diamond Aircraft’s HK36 Super Dimona, is the only aircraft of its kind in the world. The plane’s propeller is powered by a 70kW electric motor from Siemens.

The fuel consumption in the aircraft is very low as the combustion engine always runs with a constant low output of 30kW.

Siemens scientists are currently working on a new electric motor that is expected to be five times lighter than conventional drives.

In two years, another aircraft is expected to be equipped with an ultra-light electric drive. Siemens’ Drive Technologies Division has already used integrated drive trains in other applications like marine drives.


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