Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decision to move Navy HQ to St. Petersburg has not been made – Defense Ministry

A decision whether to transfer Russian Navy Main HQ from Moscow to St. Petersburg has not been made so far. 

Both variants are being discussed – either the naval staff remains in Moscow or moves to St. Petersburg, reported RIA Novosti referring to a high-ranking source in defense ministry. According to the source, if the headquarters stays in the capital, it would benefit to operational efficiency; if moves to St. Petersburg, it would be closer to the Navy's scientific and production facilities. As for him, all pros and cons of those two approaches are being considered now, at the final phase of Armed Forces' control structure shaping. "Nonetheless, no final documents have been approved so far", said the official. 
The spokesman is sure that the necessity of integrated control over strategic nuclear forces would remain in prospect. "Therefore, Navy Command in the shape of Navy Main HQ or, say, Navy Department is needed for uniform coordination between Navy engagement strategy and new regional commands", said the interviewee. He added that the shaping of strategic commands "West", "East", "South", and "Center" had been completed, although there was no distinct distribution of control functions over general purpose forces and strategic nuclear forces. 

As was earlier reported by Interfax, defense ministry had tasked Navy Main HQ to start moving to St. Petersburg. 

Last time the matter of possible transfer of the naval staff was brought up in Sept 2010.


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